The Us Dream and Establishing Noosphere Real Estate Company

The Us Dream and Establishing Noosphere Real Estate Company

More about Max Polyakov and Noosphere Company

Max Polyakov came from a poverty-stricken family. His dad had migrated from Ukraine and he went to the Soviet Union hoping to give his family a better life. When they left Ukraine they didn’t have anything except the American dream.

The American dream

Many people made the American dream look like something that is very easy to achieve. People in Ukraine believed that in America there were many opportunities for making good money. So, they moved there expecting to find well-paying jobs, good food, and shelter.

When Max Polyakov arrived in New York, America, a great skyline caught his attention and this made him love buildings more. It even prompted him to start the Noosphere blog.

Max felt that if he liked Mathematics, he would have considered becoming a planner but his interest was in houses and also in writing.

In school, Max Polyakov studied a Real Estate Course and his blog enabled him to compared real estate companies. He could even meet with real estate agents and they could talk about the possibilities of housing within the place where he lived.

As time went by, Max gained more and more supporters. He was always honest and devoted to his writing. After finishing his studies, he received several job offers. He began working at the age of twenty-two. The company he worked for was fully established and had a good reputation.

Noosphere dream

After working as a real estate agent and a blogger for some years, Max Polyakov decided to start his own real estate business. He used Noosphere blog to advertise his business and after some time, Noosphere became a well-known real estate company.

Noosphere Real Estate Company got many clients because it offered the best services. This made Max Polyakov become very rich at the age of 26.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere

More expectations

Having become rich, Max Polyakov fulfilled his American dream. At this time now he was even ready to settle down and start his own family. Luckily he found his perfect match and they got married after knowing each other for half a year.


Max Polyakov ensured to train his children on how to make money while they were still young. In fact, his entire family achieved what they wanted, his sister was now the owner of a distinguished interior design company and his brother was a certified banker. Max is now a famous person and you can read more about him at

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