The Story of an agent Max Polyakov Who Worked Hard and Achieved Success in the Real Estate World

Max Polyakov's Noosphere agency

Max Polyakov made his first millions at 26. His love for buildings happened side by side with a huge lack because his parents were not rich. He started working to feed and clothe at a tender age. So, he vowed to become rich. Max was a pizza delivery man at 13 and his other siblings worked with a printing press.

The parents were poor because they migrated from Ukraine to the US without papers and any plan. The notion then was that the American dream entails good jobs, good housing and good life in America. So, Max Polyakov’s father and mother made the move after getting married. But when they arrived, they faced difficulties due to lack of legal documents.

Max Polyakov Goes To School

Max Polyakov is the eldest in the home and he is very intelligent. He is highly motivated and inspired, and he also instilled this into his siblings. His love for buildings made him to admire them when walking on the road. In school, he made the best grades, and because he wanted to enjoy the scholarship, he also worked hard and perfected his skills in sports activities. His brother and sister followed suit too. When the time came, he won the scholarship and was to attend the New York university tuition free.

In the long run, it is Max Polyakov that is now enjoying the American dream. New York fits him and his ambitions so much, and brought in some more motivation. His passion for buildings skyrocketed with the skyscrapers and high rise buildings in New York City. But since he is good in writing more than in math, he decided against reading architecture. Instead, he opened a blog named Noosphere. Here, he reviewed, compared, and critiqued buildings and estates in New York. His thoughts and reviews elicited huge readership. Many real estate firms approached him to advertise for them. But to avoid sounding biased and partisan, he rejected most of them and continued with reviews and articles on buildings.

The Growth of Noosphere

The number of people that follow the Noosphere blog increased in leaps and bounds and the competition became afraid of Max Polyakov. He offered honest house estimates and became a good resource for the rich and the poor. Max Polyakov graduated at 22 and many established real estate firms offered him good jobs. He chose one of them and was made the Sales Manager with a 6 figure income. He also made many huge sales, earning commission from them and taking care of his entire family with that.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere

Noosphere to the Next Level

After 3 years of working with the agency and 5 years of leaving the university, Max Polyakov thought of going independent. He considered what it will mean to his employer and his followers. But he later decided to quit. His employer tried to retain him with an increased offer. But he refused. He g his own place at the Wall Street in New York and started his own real estate services. He combined blogging with other real estate services and earned good money from his blog.

Max paid a visit to his family at this time, as he wanted them to see how far he has come and how well he has represented them. At this time, he was 28 and his parents, brother and sister were very proud of him.

Max met his heartthrob a few months after and they married after 7 months of courtship. Max wanted to keep a legacy for the children. So, he trained the sons on money making and management skills, how to set and follow goals and how to maximize their potentials and work towards ambitions. His brother and sister were doing well in their careers too. While the brother became an investment banker, the sister was an interior decorator.

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