Max Polyakov: Having Passion for Buildings and Becoming a Millionaire

Max Polyakov did not come from a rich family. In fact, poverty in Ukraine forced his parents to relocate to America expecting to find a better life. Max loved houses since he was a kid and he did his best to get a better life.

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United States

Max Polyakov: Having Passion for Buildings and Becoming a Millionaire

In the US things were not as simple as Max’s parents expected. They did not have the necessary documents to get decent jobs and so they had to struggle with little paying jobs to sustain their family. Max Polyakov and his siblings also had to work in order to support themselves even though they were still young.

Despite the hardships, the boy took advantage of free education and did well in school. He was also good at games.

Love for houses

In the US, Max Polyakov saw many beautiful houses. He would have made a great architect if had the knowledge but Max was only good in writing and so he preferred starting a blog. He named his blog Noosphere and started writing reviews about real estate companies in the US.

The young man joined the university to study a real estate course and his blogs helped him get some money for his personal use. His content was exceptional that even several distinguished real estate companies wanted to work with him in order to get the best advertisement service.

Noosphere growth

After Max Polyakov finished school, Noosphere had become so popular. He was just 22 then and he got many employment opportunities from many companies that were interested in his excellent sales skills.

Max started working in one of the companies and achieved a lot, and his salary was good.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere

The new start of Noosphere

Max Polyakov decided to make Noosphere a real estate agency. He resigned from his job and got an office for his company. The people who enjoyed his blogs immediately became his clients and even recommended the company to others.

By the age of 26, Max Polyakov was a millionaire. Even though his company doing well, he did not quit writing blogs because they were important for the real estate business.


Later Max Polyakov got married and had kids. He ensured to guide his children on how to become rich. He became a great role model for his children and his siblings and his parents were so proud of him. This story proves that if you have goals you should never be afraid to take risks.

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