How Max Polyakov Caught Success by the Tail

How Max Polyakov Caught Success by the Tail

It seems like a real estate agent Max Polyakov lives a perfect life today. He’s been working hard to found a real commercial business and this mission is completed now. Max Polyakov created Noosphere – a real estate agency which became well-known in New York City. Max Polyakov’s Noosphere real estate agency has already left behind many powerful players in the market.

This man became a millionaire when he was 26. How did he manage to reach success at such an early age? Well, everything started when he was a little boy. Max loved houses and buildings so much in his childhood. But he also strived for money because he saw how hard his parents were working. He wasn’t the only child in the family, and they always had to learn to survive in conditions of poverty. They were emigrants from Ukraine who came to the USA to look for a better life. Max’s father had to clean streets to earn some money and feed their children, but their budget was never enough for better conditions. So, kids decided to reach for success when they grow up whatever it takes them.

Another Side of an American Dream

Promises of a brighter future and enormous perspectives seduced the just married couple, Mrs. and Mr. Polyakov. They fastened upon a proposition to get away on board a ship. Ivanka, Max’s mother, and Mr. Polyakov took the most important things and sailed away to New Jersey. They felt so excited to begin a new promising life in the country of their dreams. But it was only the beginning of a hard and exhaustive path.

Max’s parents didn’t take into account a few important things before their journey. They didn’t have legal documents and none reliable employer could hire them. Very soon their family became bigger, and Ivanka had to focus on their children. Mr. Polyakov had to work at a few jobs to bring food home. His earnings were not enough for such a big family. There were times when children had to go to school without money for lunch. They knew how hard it is to cope with all those money troubles for parents. That’s why children started working at the age of 13. Max delivered pizza, and his sister and brother found jobs at a printing-office.

Max Polyakov’s School Years

Max was the first child in his family. He was a very a smart little boy from a poor family who definitely knew how hard it is to live on the edge of poverty. But Max didn’t let obstacles darken his childhood. He tried to catch something good in every moment. For example, Max Polyakov loved to watch and explore buildings on his way to school. It was a fateful interest which led him to success in the future. But then he was just a little boy.

He became a good example for his younger brother and sister and he taught them to strive for more. He was a great leader for them because he tried hard to get the best results at school. He also knew that it’s easier to get a scholarship if you are a great sportsman. That’s why he started improving his skills in different activities.

Max Polyakov wanted to enter New York University. He examined this institution very well to become passionate about it. That’s why he showed the best sports results he could to impress its representatives. And soon he got the result he wanted. New York University opened its doors for him and gave a full scholarship to a boy. His parents were so proud of him. They felt that being an American child means to have bright perspectives and cloudless future.

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Life in New York City

There’s a proper rule in this life: you have to be in the right place at the right time. And it was a real prediction for Max Polyakov. The USA definitely was his right place.

He saw thousands of perspectives when he moved to New York. It was a city of his dream. Everybody’s eyes were sparkling there; Max’s environment reflected his own goals. He could share the energy with ambitious people, who wanted to become successful in life.

Max Polyakov’s School Years

Time passed by and his passion for buildings didn’t disappear. New York City met him with its high skyscrapers and fascinating buildings. He could become a good architect if he had math skills. But he was talented in writing. So, Max Polyakov decided to unite these two great passions. He created the Noosphere blog where he posted different reviews and articles about NY buildings. This activity not only helped at the university because real estate was his faculty but also brought some money. Max Polyakov visited a few agencies and had conversations about housing features in NY.

Polyakov’s efforts weren’t in vain and started bringing him the desired achievements very soon. The number of readers was increasing quickly and soon the blog started to provide him with a regular money flow. Max compared different real estate deals and reviewed which one is better for a customer. His articles were so meaningful that a few agencies even offered him a partnership. They wanted him to create advertisements for them. But it seemed like Max didn’t even notice such propositions. He wanted to be honest towards his readers. Besides, this young man knew what he’s doing everything for. He was collecting his own client base.

The Raise of Noosphere

The number of Noosphere blog faithful followers was growing quickly. Some agencies even were afraid of a young ambitious writer. Max Polyakov wanted to be honest with his readers but he also didn’t forget to estimate houses properly. Rich people could find something functional and outstanding for their money thanks to his articles. On the other hand, people with an average budget were able to choose something cheap and reliable. Each person could find something appropriate.

Noosphere was on the wings of success by the time when Max had to graduate from the university. He was 22 and he had a few job offers from famous real estate agencies which wanted to get such a talented sales manager. One respected company hired Max Polyakov just after his graduation. Very soon he became a successful real estate agent who earned six-figure sums. This company trusted him and let Max sell the most expensive houses. His funds were increasing, so, he could start helping his family financially.

The New Beginning for Noosphere

3 years passed since Max Polyakov started working at the agency, and 5 years separated him from his first article in the Noosphere blog. He understood that a special moment has come. He decided to work for himself and develop Noosphere into a real estate agency. But Max didn’t know how to keep his clientele and stay friends with his employers. It was a tough decision but he was ready to act decisively. He announced that he was going to quit, and it was a real shock to his employers. They didn’t want to lose such a professional real estate agent. On the other hand, they understood that clients love him, and his own business may be a tough challenge for them. They did their best to make him stay. But none salary offers changed his mind.

Max Polyakov and his Noosphere settled in a small office at the Wall Street, New York. His blog stopped being only a blog in the shortest terms. Noosphere has been gaining strength during all these years and now became a reliable real estate agency. Max Polyakov’s readers were extremely glad to find out that their favorite blogger became a business owner by himself. They willingly transformed into his clients and started recommending Noosphere to their friends. Max was satisfied by his success. He saw now that all his efforts were not in vain.

Max Polyakov had a doubt concerning his Noosphere blog. His readers didn’t want to lose such a useful source of information, that’s why they asked him to keep writing. These articles meant so much for them. Max Polyakov realized that this blog is an essential part of his business. Moreover, he earned good money thanks to these articles. So, he decided to unite those two important parts of his business. But now he targeted his attention on scam companies, which cheated people. His readers were grateful for such useful reviews and suggestions. They followed all his tips and tried to keep away from dubious companies.

Max Polyakov was only twenty six when he earned his first millions. His childish dreams finally came true. It led him to the highest stages of real success.

New Achievements and Goals

Max Polyakov's Noosphere company

Max Polyakov felt confident and felt that he created a strong foundation for his life. He decided to visit his parents and show how he changed. Max wanted his family to be proud of him and look at everything he achieved with wide eyes open. His brother and sister were excited by their childhood leader. They saw that anyone can reach for anything no matter what living conditions are. And parents were so happy to see their 28-year-old son being such a respected person. Mother and father understood that leaving their motherhood and moving to the USA wasn’t a bad decision. It was the best choice for their children.

Now Max was ready to create his own his family. He wanted to find a woman who would share his aims. Max dated a few girls but there wasn’t the desired connection between them. But he did not want to give up. Max Polyakov believed that his perfect girl is waiting for him somewhere. His strong and purposeful character helped him with this love mission two. Soon, he finally met the woman of his dreams. There was a real spark between them and a special connection. They got married in 7 months after they started dating. Soon the number of their family members started increasing. So, now Max Polyakov has another aim. He wants to prepare a nice legacy for his kids.

Purposeful Family

It was a real delight for Max Polyakov to remember his childhood years and set a connection with his own sons. He started explaining them simple things on how to earn money very early. Max wanted to develop the desire to set goals and be ambitious in his sons’ minds. And he completed this mission successfully too. Noosphere was popular enough to hire a few employees. Max Polyakov could work from home while they were working at the office. He showed his sons how to work with a blog and explained how it can help to earn money. And he was so happy when one of his sons started paying attention to buildings just as Max Polyakov did many years ago.

Polyakov kept writing about various real estate companies. But the main target was on scams which conducted unreliable deals. Max’s readers trusted him more than ever and he felt their support, so, did his best to meet their expectations. His words were so convincing that many suspicious people started believing in the honesty of the real estate business.

Max Polyakov’s brother and sister found themselves in this life too. They had a wonderful leader in their family, so they did their best to succeed too. His sister became an interior decorator. She has her own business now. The sister had a passion for space decorating just as her brother had a passion for buildings. She is a real expert in this field now.

His brother built a career as an investment banker. He never left his native New Jersey but his earnings are enough to feel more than just comfortable. The brother also supports their parents and has his own family too. And he teaches his children to respect money and build the system of goals for life.

The story of this family shows how important it is to have aims and take risks. Anyone’s American dream may come true.